Thursday, September 8, 2011

Five Days, Ten New Shows -- Ringer



When and Where:
The CW; Tuesdays 9/8c; Debuts Sep. 13

Sarah Michelle Gellar; Nestor Carbonell; Ioan Gruffudd

Bridget (Gellar) witnesses a mob hit and flees to New York City. Whilst on the run, she encounters her long-lost twin, the affulent Siobhan. Not too long afterwards, Siobhan goes missing and Bridget decides to go about under her identity. Doing so, she discovers so many shocking details about her twin's life.


There once was a land known simply as "The WB". A wide variety of inhabitants, many of them adolescents gave the kingdom a strong, unique feel that helped it to stand out whilst it was dwarved by the neighboring kingdoms. There were plenty of Princesses who graced The WB with their presence, but nobody would forget Princess Sarah. She was also recognized as Buffy who fought valiantly against vampires and demons. And whilst pulling off these heorics, she remained clever and witty and looked stunning the whole time.

But alas, by 2002 there was a falling out. As a consequence the princess was taken away, permenantly separated from the people of The WB. Buffy would end up in another kingdom, a much smaller and more unstable land known as "UPN". She would carry on for two more years before leaving again. Still, Sarah left an indeliable impression on both kingdoms that would linger for long after she was gone.

Not too long afterwards, both UPN and The WB would fall. The people of both kingdoms would come together, mend old wounds and form a new kingdom that they would call "The CW". But some things would remain constant, that the people of both lands would retain from before. Among them, the hope that the lost Princess would one day return. That she would come to the land of CW and grace it the same way she did before.

Okay, I will admit that I'm also happy to see Gellar return to TV. And although I still don't care about the CW, this new show actually looks pretty good. It really stands out against the typical fare the network has to offer, with such a dark tone and intense revelations.

Unsurprisingly, it was originally pitched as CBS drama.

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