Friday, September 2, 2011

Five Days, Ten New Shows -- Introduction

First and foremost, I should make something clear. I don't claim to be any kind of TV expert. I'm no critic or any sort of professional in programming or development. I'm not even that much of a watcher. For a nerd type, I do watch a significant amount and have a variety of favorite shows on both cable and broadcast. I'm mostly into comedies, as well as some dramas. I have an anemic interest in reality TV, however (but by just considering Jersey Shore or The Real Housewives, it shouldn't be hard to understand why). And I'm most certainly into animated shows, which one tends to find on cable as well as the FOX network.

But, TV and how one approaches it is a subject that fascinates me. Hell, how one persues general free-time entertainment and its social effect is among my favorite subjects. I read news websites that cover TV ratings and the activities of the networks, both ones paid for and available for free. I'm fascinated by the medium's past, and love watching clips of old promos, commercials and bumpers on YouTube. I consider Netflix and the internet, and what became of cinema and radio with TV's evolution. I wonder what will become of TV and what function, if any it will retain when the internet absorbs its basic uses.

For the time being though, there still exist networks available over-the-air for free. Your NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS and CW. All of them are trying to adapt and co-exist with cable channels (who have their own conflicts) and with the abundence of electronic entertainment platforms obtaining their once basic functions. For now at least, we still have hoards of new shows launching during the Fall. These networks still have popular shows which impact popular culture, if not as much as in years past. And among the fleets of premieres, each new show still has the potential to grow and develop significance in its own right.

Last May, I spent a whole week gushing along with each network's upfronts, repeating to the world which new shows were sure things on the free channels. As such, I feel it is only appropriate to elaborate on some of these new shows, especially since we are closing in on the first official week of the new season. Some new shows will debut prior to the official kickoff date of September 19, such as the CW's slate of shows, CBS' Survivor and a few NBC shows. Others still won't launch until later in the Fall, complimenting the already vast selection of premieres on standby for midseason. And yet, that one week from the 19th to the 25th is the most solid row of show launches we are going to get. With the date fast approaching and early debuts sneaking up on us, now is the time to take a closer look at this new season.

All next week, I will write up about two new shows each day, and comment on additional shows along with other details on the entire spectrum, such as Summer shows I've followed and returning series. Each complete entry will include a comprehensive analysis wherein the questions, What, Who, Where, When and Why will be asked, hopefully wringing some insight about the new season along the way.

Furthermore, I would like to implore you all not to take this too seriously. As I said, I'm no critic or any sort of expert. This is just a casual viewer looking at trailers and promotions, as well as reading more professional insights and reacting. Sure I may comment on the scheduling here and look a bit deeper into the content, but this is just an average consumer looking at hot new shows as well as new comedies that have caught his eye. His response is meant to be something to the effect of "This looks like it could be good".

So now without further ado, this is FIVE DAYS, TEN NEW SHOWS

9/5 -- New Girl (FOX, Comedy); Terra Nova (FOX, Drama)
9/6 -- Up All Night (NBC, Comedy); The Playboy Club (NBC, Drama) BONUS: Write-up on Whitney
9/7 -- Suburgatory (ABC, Comedy); Once Upon a Time (ABC, Drama)
9/8 -- 2 Broke Girls (CBS, Comedy); Ringer (The CW, Drama)
9/9 -- Allen Gregory (FOX, Comedy); Grimm (NBC, Drama)

Watch this post all next week for updates and links for each new show.

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