Friday, September 9, 2011

Five Days, Ten New Shows -- Grimm



When and Where:
NBC; Fridays 9/8c; Debuts Oct. 21

Sean Hayes and Jim Kouf are among Executive Producers

A procedural drama twist on the stories of the Brothers Grimm, following a Portland, Oregon detective who learns that he is of a long line of people known as "Grimms", devoted to protect mankind from supernatural beings.

Hello, what's this? Two new fairy tale-inspired shows in the same year? Who would've thunk such a thing?

Of course, I initally saw this as "The new show following Chuck", the long-running spy comedy that has already confirmed this next round of 13 episodes to definately be it's swan song. As such, both these shows will air on Friday nights. Granted, Fringe may be in enough good graces with FOX to maintain a healthy run on that night (as it did last season, and will continue to do so for at least another season), and CBS is traditionalist enough to keep plugging away here (with at least solid shows like Blue Bloods to play to the right audiences). But for the most part and especially in recent years, Friday nights are almost always a fool's game for most shows. (On the other hand, we see that Saturdays are even worse, a practical black hole for most shows.)

As such, it's less surprising that this has been confirmed as Chuck's final bow, and Grimm seems to only exist to give it some company. They chose wisely among genre shows, not so much for combatibility but just because this new show looks pretty cool. Again, I bring up Pushing Daisies with the concept of a procedural with fantasy elements interwoven into the premise serving as a major parallel. The look and feel of the show is suitably dark and gritty, working to give the title a very apt meaning.

As one brilliant internet-based cartoonist once put it, "You will only see 13 episodes of this." That may seem like a misnomer, and we may actually get less (hell, that was the case with Friday's own Outlaw last season). If anything, one should at least enjoy it while it lasts given that, you know, it doesn't seem likely to.

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