Friday, May 13, 2011

On Past Errors in Judgement...

Last Fall, to usher in the start of the new TV Season I did a series of posts and commentaries about each of the broadcast networks. Or rather...I started on it, and never completed. I only wrote an introduction, also mentioning the CW and three pieces, one each on NBC, FOX and ABC.

To be honest, I really didn't take much advantage of this blog since starting it a year ago, upon my graduation from college. Upon putting more thought into why, I can summarize the overall problem in two main points. Firstly, I don't seem to have enough drive to actually write. It obviously puts a block on anything remotely related to progress, and it feels like something that can change with the flick of a lightswitch. But, I at least now understand that there's a gradual process to fixing it. And secondly, I never seem to know what to write, what I want to talk about, or how I want to say it. On the bright side, in understanding this point I can start to improve on the first. The process of actually writing on this blog initiates with thought, or rather motivating myself to think. It all starts to come to form when I realize what I want to write.

And after that point, I can motivate myself to actually do so.

With that in consideration, I realize that aside from not taking up enough initiative, the biggest mistake I made last fall was overwhelming myself. The last post I wrote was about the FOX network, and I had too much to write. As a major animation nerd, I naturally gravitate towards their Sunday night schedule with hits like The Simpsons and Family Guy and thusly, I have plentiful investment in and a whirlwind of opinions stemming from them. I was going to cover the Sunday lineup as a separate entry, but lost track of it. Eventually too much time passed, the topic lost relevance, and the writings stopped there.

The other basic error on my part was setting the bar too high. Looking back, this is sort of why I overwhelmed myself in the first place. I tried to cover the networks in general and overextended myself, unsuitably and pretentiously approaching this topic like I was a professional, when I am not. And to reiterate my prior point, I didn't think about what to write or rather what specifically to cover. What resulted was several articles that were all over the place.

But now, I can honestly say that I feel a sense of accomplishment approaching this issue, mulling it over, and coming to these realizations. I do not expect to completely undo the mistakes of the past, or even gloss over them. All I intend to do is start to try harder in the future.

The TV season is about to close and the upfronts are drawing near. As such, I have come up with a few ideas to write about that just might make up for the way I cut myself off on last fall's posts. Such writing would cover TV again, talking about specific comedies I've followed during the season, along with the two dramas I can say I've consistently tuned in for (that would be NBC's Chuck and ABC's Castle). And it would in a sense, sum up the season in a nutshell.

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